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Air Rower Classic ARC100


Delivering strong resistance with a combination of air and magnets, giving you the perfect rowing machine for HIIT workouts in the gym or at home.

The Renegade Air Rower ARC100 uses efficient wind resistance, one of the most popular methods of rowing resistance to give you a smooth, solid, comfortable, low impact rowing workout at home. This rower is designed with oversized footrests and a smooth sliding seat. The padded, upholstered seat and textured handgrip keep you comfortable while performing one of the best all-around activities for cardiovascular fitness and strength.

Powered by an air resistance wheel to provide a challenging workout each time you step into your home gym, the Renegade Air Rower ARC100 pushes your entire body to the limit with intense strokes that test your cardio levels while placing a huge emphasis on upper body engagement.

A great choice if you want to tone up, build strength and stay supple.


Engineering chromed pulley with robust 608zz sealed cartridge bearings

Steel fan of 2.8kg, SQ 370mm

Steel reinforced aluminium track

Engineering POM rollers with robust 608zz sealed cartridge bearings

Nylon fiber integrated Integrated wheels and folding mechanism for easier storage


Ergonomic handle with high tensile strength nylon pulling strap

Oversized footplates with adjustable straps to get strong support

The air rower has a comfortable, padded, upholstered seat

Nylon fiber integrated Integrated wheels and folding mechanism for easier storage

8 levels of manual adjustable resistance

With step by step instructions and tools for easy assembly

Console Large LCD screen with a wireless receiver displays all workout data in easy to read format
Workout modes 8, including 10/20 and 0/10 intervals, target settings and heart rate control
Features Time, RPM, Speed, Distance, Calories, Watts
Heart rate sensor Chest strap sold separately
Power Battery powered console
Output Shown in watts, giving you an accurate measurement
Dimensions product L 218 x B 61,5 x H 76 cm
Net Weight 49.5 kg
Gross Weight 58 kg
Max. user Weight 150 kg
Warranty 2 years