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HIIT Runner ARUN050


Evocardio's new way of running

Walk, jog, stop, spring, instantly, with no intervention other than just shifting your body forward and back, not having to touch any buttons. No bounds, no controls, just RUN. Evocardio's new way of running helps you burn fat and calories faster and more efficiently than any other fitness concept to date with its innovative toe running approach.

The Renegade HIIT Runner ARUN050 offers superior steel construction, dependable stability, and no-limits functionality in a energy-efficient design. The non-motorized ARUN050 is made possible by the running surface. The Slat Belt system is near frictionless, which allows the belt to glide smoothly. Combine that with an innovative curved running surface and suddenly users are able to control their pace at will. To speed up, simply start running, to slow down, allow yourself to drift down the curve. It is all about body position and gravity.

Innovation patented curve design conforms better to your stride and encourages running on the balls of your feet, both reducing joint impact and improving performance. There's no need for you to adjust the belt tension or replace the deck. This treadmill is the easiest to maintain that you'll find anywhere. Engineered for light weight and incredible strength, the treads incorporate a soft shock absorbing cover, which provides just the right spring and shock absorption while handling the high loads and long life requirement.

This motorless treadmill uses no electricity, running instead on the energy produced by the user’s own movement. Whether you’re a beginner athlete or a professional at the highest levels, the ARUN050 can instantly conform to your desired speed, even if you change your output randomly at will.


Robust steel frame with low position cross handle for the all-out sled push workout

Anti-slip durable PU rubber slats with robust on-slat 608zz seale bearings

Integrated wheels for easy transportation

Battery operated LCD monitor


Non-motorized treadmill powered solely by a user’s legs

No top speed and users don’t need to wait for the belt to get up to their desired speed

4 levels of intensity control allows the user to choose the required feel from the free running pace to all-out sled push workout.

Ergonomic handle design for a natural arm and hand position for a comfortable workout.

Running on the ARUN050 burns more calories while engaging more muscle groups, providing a more effective workout than a conventional treadmill.

The rubber running surface absorbs the harmful impact shock on your joints and connective tissue without sacrificing proper running mechanics.

The large anti-slip adjustable self-leveling footstops ensure stability and comfort.

Rear built-in handle and transport wheels

Workout modes 7 workout modes including 20/10, 20/30, custom intervals, 4 target settings
Features Time, distance, calories and pulse
Selectors Easy one-touch mode selector
Power Battery powered console
Dimensions product L 171 x W 99 x H 168 cm
Running surface N/A curved
Net Weight 135 kg
Gross Weight 155 g
Max. user Weight 150 kg
Warranty 2 years