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Sprint Resistance Training Equipment for Speed!

The Run Rocket is a tethered system attached to a variable resistance pulley set-up. With 30 pre-set levels of adjustable resistance and exceptionally smooth operation, the Run Rocket is the way to train athletes of all levels for peak performance, increased agility, and explosive power. The resistance is adjusted by a simple adjuster knob and the digital display gives numeric representation of this resistance for ease of repeatability.

In addition to this, the run rocket can be used to resist during plyometric jumping and/or broad jumping. The addition of wheels to the run rocket make it a portable system allowing the system to be used during both indoor and outdoor training session.

The system includes a disc loading bar to add mass to the frame ensuring stability and minimal movement during training with athletes of larger proportion. The resistance of the run rocket can be toggled using an adjustment knob, this resistance is represented numerically on the display for ease of repeatability.

Run-Rocket specifications
  • 30 levels of resistance
  • Extends out to 35 yards (that does not increase like a rubber band)
  • Can be tailored to any athletes training requirements
  • Solid tires for easy transportation
  • Durable power coat finish
  • Weather resistant components for outdoor use
  • Disc loading bar to add mass to the frame
  • Dimensions: L 94 x W 71 x H 101.5 cm
  • Net Weight: 74.8 kg
  • Warranty: Frame: lifetime / Parts: 2 years / Wear parts: 6 months

Check athletes using Run Rocket to bring out their ultimate potential.