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The ASKI100 mimicks the motion of cross-country skiing, a full-body activity that burns tons of calories!

The HIIT ERG ASKI100 makes the Nordic style of skiing available to everyone. Long recognized as one of the toughest workouts, Nordic skiing makes you stronger, increases your stamina and trains your whole body. The ASKI100 can be used for the double stick technique and the classic ski technique (alternately moving your arms).

The ASKI100 uses the most important rowing elements, such as the flywheel resistance and the monitor, but focuses the athlete on the vertical movements and simulates the movements of cross-country skiing. It is widely recognized that this is the toughest workout for the whole body and perfect for stamina. This fitness device focuses on the arms, legs and core for a full body workout, adjusted to the athlete's height and level.

The ASKI100 uses high-strength cords in its drive system. The cords are much stronger than steel and extremely light, resulting in a system that is responsive and smooth.


Aluminum 49 cm, with cross-bonded aluminum blades

Self-levelling pulleys, width between 62 cm to 26 cm

High-strength and light weight cords

Superior internal drive mechanism allows both double-pole and classic (alternating arm) technology, minimal maintenance required.

4 mm thick steel mounting bracket for positioning against the wall.


Smooth, natural, limitless air/magnetic resistance

Ergonomically moulded handle provides horizontal and vertical placement options

10 levels of magnetic resistance adjustments offer multi intensity training workouts.

Ideal for bent over row, bicep curl, front raise and reverse curl.

Console Battery operated LCD monitor
Workout modes 8, including 10/20 and 0/10 intervals, target settings and heart rate control
Features Time, stroke, stroke/min, time/500 m, watts, intensity setting and pulse
Heart rate receiver Built-In Polar wireless heart rate receiver
Power Battery powered console
Dimensions product L 49 x H 30.5 x W 58.5 cm
Net Weight 26 kg
Gross Weight 32 kg
Max. user Weight 150 kg
Warranty 2 years